Spring 2008

Volume 1, Number 1: The first issue of the Insider includes an in-depth feature about Glendale’s college and community by Edwin Lopez, an exploration of the trend of parents returning to complete their education as their children are beginning college by Susan Braunheim, and the challenges faced by AB 540 students as they attempt to transfer to universities by Fabiola Prieto. Milena Litomisky describes four scenic hikes in the Angeles National Forest within easy reach of campus. Famed musical group X is back on tour and Olga Ramaz catches up with them 31 years and 11 albums later. Glendale’s golf team is back after 23 years; Tony Alfieri describes how coach Greg Osbourne, student Ryan Richardson and actor James Caan made it happen. Photography student Carina Crash dishes to Editor-in-chief Jane Pojawa about disabilities, Rufus Wainright and being fabulous in this award-winning magazine.

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